05 (Brown) Defy 3D Nozzle

Product code: LU30Q3967-05
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  • Specifically engineered to effectively deliver pre-emergence herbicides to autumn and spring seedbeds
  • Angled nozzle, designed to run alternating forwards and backwards along the boom to give an even coverage on the front and back of targets
  • One of the most even distributions on the market, with a coefficient of variance of <5%
  • Perfect 3D coverage in all directions; tailored drop spectrum to give maximum efficacy for grassweed control
  • 60%-75% less drift (size dependent) compared to a conventional flat fan nozzle giving a greater number of spray days
  • Increased efficiency means increased efficacy through more timely application of DEFY. Allows you go to at the best time to control weeds, rather than the best weather conditions.
Application Speed - 12-14 km/h if conditions are sub-optimal slow down and apply at 12 km/h.

Boom Height - Highest efficiency at both 50 and 75cm boom heights, allowing for the boom to be run a comfortable level above the target with no worries about drop off in deposition.

Water Volume - Best nozzle at 100 l/ha as the effect of the angle outweighs the need for more water to gain coverage increases. Using 100 l/ha increases the time spent spraying vs. filling and traveling.

Pressure - Runs at pressure between 0.7 and 3 bar.

Brand Hypro
Product Code LU30Q3967-05
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