Hypro Fastcap ESI Liquid Fertiliser Nozzles

Product code: FC-ESI-110015P
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6 solid streams in a compact cap.

Features & Benefits:
  • Optimised for practical and accurate application of liquid fertilser.
  • Six fluid streams distribute liquid fertiliser evenly and accurately to the root zone.
  • Stable streams help minimise leaf retention and crop scorch.
  • Compact FastCap® design is less prone to breakage than longer nozzles or dribble bars.
  • Easily handled with no loose parts.
  • FastCap® bayonet is easily fitted and removed from standard EF3 nozzle holders such as Hypro’s ProFlo™, Arag and Teejet.
  • Large liquid outlet holes help prevent blockages.
  • Orifice constructed from durable materials for reduced wear, longer life and consistent application.
  • Available in sizes 015 to 20, in ISO colours for a wide range of application rates from 20 to 1380 l/ha
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Brand Hypro
Product Code FC-ESI-110015P
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